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Retro style bathroom

To make the vintage style bathroom is enough to place it in some decorative elements with a touch of antiquity. For this ideal older vessels, copper soap dish and other boxes and chests. If space allows you can set with elements of retro furniture (chair, chair, dresser) or decorate the wall antique mirror. Even not the usual thing for the bathroom, suitable to create entourage. In the design of the bathroom is important to consider the combination of light, color match and materials from the interior and temperament owners.


Retro interior designer Teresa Abaitua

Spanish designer Teresa Abaitua created a beautiful interior of the spacious house, with wide color pastels, weaving styles of contemporary furniture and interior fittings and antique furniture of the 1960s. Accent elements are restored antiques. Of course, the main highlight of the interior – a rainbow of colors that are simply incredible intertwined with each other and with the rest of the situation. Development of new color schemes make the room is not boring, expressive, full of character. Style of the house clearly thought out, concise and restrained. The atmosphere at home thanks to an amazing beautiful antique furniture, contemporary…

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