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What should you renovate first in a new old home?

Whilst often innovative and unusual in design, modern houses aren’t for everyone. Therefore, old-fashioned, traditional designs are a great choice for those who are looking for something with their ideal style and substance. The problem with choosing this type of home though, is that old houses, while sometimes cheaper, often come with a bunch of hidden expenses that need to be attended. Insulation is usually one of the first problems tenants and home owners experience when moving into their old, dream home. Older houses will often come with single glazing windows, drafty doors and no cavity wall insulation. There are…


Interesting lamp

Mileage rare and extremely fashionable pendants, industrial, with green enamel with interesting glass convex lenses. Manufactured Thorlux, 1930/40′s, fleeing MOD-center in central Scotland. Completely renovated and equipped with new bulbholders.

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