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Gorgeous home in a retro style in Madrid

This beautiful house, surrounded by trees, is sure to impress judges of beauty. In the yard all arranged for rest and relaxation. It’s nice sitting on a bench in the courtyard, enjoy the natural environment. Green lawn gives the smell of fresh grass, beautiful flowers in large tubs and flower pots decorate the terrace. Blue expanse of the pool adds freshness on hot days. Vines twine play on the contrast of the light house walls and dark green leaves of the plant. Romantic view of the patio give street lights, made in ancient style. The terrace has a dining table…


Beautiful lounger

Creative Turkish designers Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa in 2007 designed this hammock, called the Leaf, which translates as a sheet. It looks simple, but beautiful, and the look of this two loungers for relaxation really like leaf falling from a tree. The hammock is made of Dacron, it can be used in the home or in the veranda or under the open sky. It can be purchased in different colors.


8 tubs, are fun to immerse

As for the spectacular appearance, a favorite of recent years – bath CORSEL № 1. It is called “bath from another world”, referring to the world of high speeds and fine chemicals. Aerodynamic model is made of carbon fiber, a material involved in aircraft and automobiles. Although CORSEL № 1 is not going nowhere, all kind it shows affinity with racing bollidami. Size she also outstanding: 2,43 x1, 23 m and if not her, then her just have to race: in the world of just 51. Incoming search terms: bath tub


Atlantic Surf Pods

Glamping, definitely the way to the future, how wonderful camp sites in question, and the UK is the Cornwall Sea is a city that offers some pods Glamping style for those who are for a different experience. Unusual beans Atlantic Surf is a way for those who like to enjoy nature, and loves her. Each capsule has about 215 square feet of space, with its comfortable bathroom, double bed, a green light and a lot of furniture for convenience, to take care of your rest and relaxation at the egg. But perhaps the best part of the pods should be…

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