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Quirky Lord of The Rings Inspired Hobbit

Coop that if it is not designed with a theme in mind? Chicken houses in the six figure range for small and innovative part “Hobbit Hole” chicken coop is a great piece of inspiration that will live chickens living in a stylish home. Inspired by Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies, Maine-based family who handcrafts these cooperatives also install them in three different sizes. Built from simple pine wood product width accommodates 5 to 15 chickens. Each hole Hobbit set of paint colors, the colors of pebbles and even has an optional internal abnormalities, as well!


Innovative Moods for Food

Designer Henrik Hallberg from Stockholm, Sweden, to come up with a product ANTILOP highchair tray from Ikea. As a father of two, he found a chair that was not as boring as a creative person, he created an innovative swipe to make chairs more attractive and more colorful and interesting for detey.Podstavki made of silicon Mood for Food plates and napkins to prevent bowl from slipping, making eating easier for kids and their parents. Additonal benfits include reduced noise and improved hygiene, wipes can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher mashine.Stolovyh comes in four different themes: “Vegas…

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