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Cute Couch The Kulle

This comfortable couch was made by designer Stefanie Schissler, the project was piecework as a school project, which has become popular not just school. The sofa is constructed with beautiful hills, reminiscent of fluffy clouds. This couch makes a warm and cozy and will certainly want everyone to try. Beautiful hill used as a pillow, which is very convenient.


Elegant Chair Oxoye by designer Dzmitry Samal

These wonderful chairs can make a special and interesting atmosphere, and give the interior charm and elegance. These beautiful chairs created Dzmitry Samal, it created an interesting project for the popular movies Soca. Design furniture is very similar to a car seat is made in the style of retro and futuristic style. This chair is made of the simplest materials, plywood, and beautiful metal inserts. Chair of the firm is given with different prints.


Beautiful bathroom from the company Omvivo

A beautiful bathroom from Omvivo Company is the leading and most popular in the creation of modern and comfortable bathrooms in Australia This Company started its production in the early nineties. Bathroom of the company is made of the natural materials, the company offers a large collection, a lot of accessories.


Specific white chair

Meltdown PP pipes each chair made ​​popular by British designer Tom Tsen. The chair polypropylene pipes which when heated seats and pressing the mold of former general in the stack water pipes. All tubes are melted and fused as they come into contact with high temperature, resulting in an irregular pattern of holes on the surface of the molded seat. This beautiful chair is made of pipes that have been redesigned.


The magnificent master bedroom for your guests

Interior Design from Jennifer Reynolds impresses with its pomp and grandeur. Lifestyle, displaying the internal state is becoming increasingly popular and is reflected in how people live, what things surround themselves. This guest bedroom is designed for wealthy people who love and appreciate the charm of royal elegance. All the furniture and decor items are selected with the utmost care and complement each other. The color palette is harmonious and blue colors used for decoration room well together. The palette of gentle, pleasing to the visual perception. The dominant colors are unobtrusive, which means that they do not get bored…


Chandelier bike

Fragile girl-sculptor Carolina Fontoura Alzaga (Carolina Fontoura Alzaga) has always been a huge fan of bikes, punk culture and direction of DIY (do it yourself). By the time the inspiration for many years she recycles bicycles into something more practical and less active. One day, looking at one of their creations, a shelf for household items, from a different angle, Caroline realized that she had to rush to the dump and look for another couple of old bicycles. Girl unbearably wanted to try to turn them into something new, something that until it has never been done. Chandelier, for example….


Chairs from Ikea

IKEA furniture is very popular all over the world, and it has won its first of its practicality, efficiency and originality. Not for nothing is one of the slogans of the company states: “Every other European IKEA is on the bed.” If you want not expensive and modern to decorate your house, run to IKEA!

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