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Bookshelf with plants

For the first time we saw the green furniture collection Nautinox Greenline Collection in April at furniture fair in Milan. The Italian manufacturer has recently introduced a new bookshelf with a structure that allows the climbing plants spread over all the shelves. The lattice of steel is softened by wooden shelves and green plants – the perfect combination. Nautinox manufactures furniture for the court of environmentally friendly materials. The same pattern they used for the collection of furniture: a metal frame painted with paint without volatile organic compounds that can withstand water and has no toxins.


Potted plants in the interior

Indoor plants add freshness and comfort in any room at home or apartment. These fans are going to amazing collections of household plants and flowers, and no matter how many of them rare, sometimes even two or three instances can add charm to the interior, as well as maintain a good mood in the house owners. Where there is only your imagination and desire, you can build an amazing decoration for your interior. Plants and flowers can be combined with each other and with fresh-cut flowers, combine with natural décor and fun items that fit every time to pick the…


Alpine garden

Rock gardens have become a familiar part of garden compositions that mimic the natural mountain scenery. They can be built on a plot with any relief, without the help of a designer, fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Rock garden is a rocky garden planted with plants in a particular order, the choice of which should be handled with special care. Plants should get on with their future neighbors, consider the time and timing of their flowering. The most appropriate place for the device rock garden will be well-lit place, the existing slope. But do not make a hill under…


Portable home garden from Grinfingerov

Grinfingery (Greenfingers) – a group of students from the University of Auckland – have developed a portable console for the home garden Pod garden system, in short – Pod. The concept of gardening “inside” based on a system Fogponics, types of hydroponics. The method uses a nutrient-rich solutions that are transmitted in the form of steam to the plant roots. Below is a description of the project from designers themselves: “prefix Pod is a product that is intended for cultivation and propagation of plants among those people who have limited or no possibilities for breeding flowers, grasses and trees in…


Rooftop Garden Design Ideas Adding Freshness to Your Urban Home

You must dream of a garden on the roof of his mind, to clear the way to implementation. Consult with the builder or contractor if your roof can hold the pressure of the soil, container, and can do so on.In and rejoice. Observe the safety precautions, installing fences and miniature shelters to protect the plants from falling objects (if you are surrounded by taller buildings, for example). Many plants can be grown and talk to an expert about the service. The sprinkler installation is a great idea, especially in the summer. Plan and develop the perfect garden on the roof,…


Moots hydroponic garden tells you if plants need more water

The city is increasingly a problem with the plants, the concept of hydroponic gardening and living walls becoming quite popular among modern homeowners. If you are in indoor gardening and like to grow fresh vegetables and herbs right in the walls, Moots hydroponic garden can you zainteresovat.Nebolshoy hydroponic garden is well suited for small spaces and even tells you if the plant does not have sufficient water and food, or you just not enough time for them to follow. You can use a number of Moots pots together and manage them from a single location. Matej Korytár design for Electrolux…


Flower Tower – Vertical Planter

The new Flower Tower is a great vertical planter that save space a lot. Each cylindrical tube planter holds up to 30 plants and features a unique internal watering tube that allow you to easily water from the top and not miss a single plant. Perfect for balconies, patios and verandas, this portable growing system will give spectacular results. Incoming search terms: Flower Tower Planter , flower planter ideas , planter

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