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Stone lamp in the form of a tower

Title lamp «Tuil» tune with the French word tuile – «shingles.” Indeed, lampshades made of paper hundreds of identical parts, wonderfully reminiscent of the popular roofing material. «Tuil» invented and created by French designer Jean Sebastien Lagrange, co-founder of the studio John Doe. The facility is fully consistent with the current vogue for paper lanterns and lamps. But it is an intriguing shape and subtle performance luminaire make it especially memorable.


Round bath

Round bath is – one nice, sense of style and excessively large bathroom? Agree in all but the last. Fashion today round tubs and sinks are available to any interior and any area. Depending on the material and color performance round tubs and sinks are suitable for almost any style of interior design: the traditional white bath of solid stone bathroom design will give a chic and elegant, made ​​of wooden planks bath barrel will complement rustic style, and the round plastic tub futuristic bright colors suitable for modern bathroom. If you are concerned that a large round tub did…

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