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Modern sofas from Vitra

Since this piece of furniture is one of the largest, one might say, significant in the room, we decided to find a couple of good options that will fit perfectly in a modern interior. This collection of the Vitra – just a riot of modern shapes and colors! – Just what you need to update the long bored with the old design of your room. Enjoy it! White perfectly refreshing look, and also serves as a simply fabulous backdrop for mixing it contrasting bright colors embodied in pillows or other colorful touches. Do not forget that not all of the…


“Tasty” interior duo Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables – funny tables for fantastic interiors, invented by the British designer Matthew Robinson (Matthew Robinson). Contrasting duo attracts the original aesthetics, pleasant tactile properties and is the most “delicious” association.


Minimalism in Modern Apartment

Designer Vasily Butenko demonstrated through his work powerful chromatic experience. Recently, he has managed to make the interior of an apartment in a fascinating Crimea, Ukraine, using a pure black color, which covers a very original in terms of lack of … color. Inspiring sober elegance apartment is suitable for people with a taste that can apreciate the refined atmosphere of a good design. Mixing black patterns and textures, the designer caught a custom kernel “magnificent darkness.”


Undulating Dining Table by Michael Beitz

Harmful children can enjoy this dining table. Creative perception of Michael Beitz at the dinner table is what looks like two people who want to avoid each other will sit at opposite ends as undulating hills that begins as a plain old table and shoots up to completely block the view of the person through way.Beitz “with the original concept was” the solution is obvious tension that exists in our daily routines and relationships, “and it looks as if the relationship was expressed visually through its latest embedded parts.


Design Idea – Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chair known as the BKF chair, it was originally designed back in 1938 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and remains an international icon. Check out some of these awesome spaces, outdoors and in, where the funky Butterfly completes the picture.

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