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The most creative lamp for the interior of your home

Chandeliers surround us all our lives. Sometimes we are so accustomed to them that do not even pay attention to them. But, if you decide to purchase a creative light, your life will change the hour.  It just so happened that rarely seeks to acquire original, unusual table lamp creative – after all that important? To this lamp lights, and covered everything you need. But the design – minor matters. Let’s see what kind of tubes offer designers in order to diversify the life and work of ordinary people. As only starts to get dark, every man turns on the…


Transfiguration old chair

The original method of painting that transforms an old chair, pylivshiysya in a shed in the furniture that is not ashamed to offer guests and put on the summer terrace. If you have some old chairs that are already worn out, and ashamed to expose guests, you can transform their appearance with paint, applied in a special way. The whole idea of this painting is to change the color of the surface smoothly, from the top down, from lighter to darker colors. As a result of an old chair can be made the subject of design skill, and then spend…


Interesting side tables

When it comes to our comfort, bedside table is one of the essential parts. Phone, hand cream, notebook, favorite magazine, alarm clock and warm socks – we are surprised at how much can fit into such a small piece of furniture. These unusual and original bedside tables, which are not only become functional storage space, but also bring a touch of style to the interior of your bedroom.


The original bed on the lawn

The original bed on the lawn with a cart. It seems that the right of the cart that’s just poured colored jewels. Particularly impressive is a flower bed will look a little far away, consider this when planning for its location. Used only pansy in different colors. If you pick double beds grade picture will look sharper and richer. Big plus viola that it blooms from early spring to autumn, which will decorate your flower bed area for a long time.


Furniture Collection «Kork»

Belgian design studio «Twodesigners» created a collection of furniture and lighting, entitled «Kork». Made of cork, the collection includes coffee tables, storage boxes and all kinds of lamps. According to the developers, “a collection originally started with the simplest and most common form of cork, and then the general idea has developed into a family of furniture objects, linked by a common original design and construction elements.


Apartment in northern Moscow

A single-room apartment of architects with a low-budget repair and original interior objects. OWNERS Sergey, Nastya – architects of Le Atelier METRIC AREA35 sq. m FLOOR 6 NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m Sergey and Nastya are architects. The apartment in the north of Moscow belongs to their customer who suggested them to set it right and live there until she puts it up for sale. The task that faced the architects was to create a harmonic interior with a low budget and quite tight schedule. But everything shaped well: temporary owners spent little money, made the repair,…


Ideas for the Garden

In this collection there is nothing extraordinary and revolutionary – all decisions are quite traditional, but they are great to be able to decorate your garden, even if it is large.

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