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The old furniture in the garden

In spring and summer, many gardeners like to make furniture in the garden and arrange gatherings there. However, to carry out garden decor with their own hands and make it even more comfortable, you can use the old furniture that will stand there all the time. Most often, this furniture is used for flowers. As a “framework” can serve as a broken-down piano, a rusty bed, nightstand old, dilapidated chair, etc. Suffice it to paint these things in a bright color to make them a flower bed and planted flowers there. No special efforts by the decoration of furniture for…


Original ideas for the design of the hands

We all love to view photos with a beautiful design dorogihkvartir. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an experienced designer to design their homes, but some interesting features a beautiful design can be done by yourself. Nice to know that it does not need anything special – quite good enough imagination, natural materials and elementary skills. Here is a selection of interesting ideas, which optionally can each with their own hands. The main elements of decor are the branches, bark, roots, and cut down.

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