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Unusual furniture from Werner Neumann

Werner Neumann – furniture designer from the Netherlands, presented a new collection of de Milan: Organic and Birchwood. Organic Collection is inspired by organic forms found in nature. It was established in the embodiment of atypical forms of materials such as brass and leather. Items from the collection Brichwood were covered with birch bark, which the designer found in the forest. Some of the items of this collection are covered with epoxy glue, and then painted, and some were left untreated.


Apartments in Netherlands

Sky Box apartments were designed studios Centric Design Group and located in the Netherlands. Residence is a box with a picture windows installed on the pier and remarkable spacious terrace on the perimeter. Natural finishes and plenty of light make the rooms spacious and comfortable, and the furniture and decor are designed in a rustic style are responsible for the comfort of home.

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