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Interesting lamp of origami

On the design week in Milan made a splash luxurious origami lamp from the Chilean Si Studio. Large-sized origami have been inspired by nature and made from simple sheets of heat-resistant paper carefully folded in the shape of animals. Each lamp emits a warm light while making an aesthetic design to any room. Luxury lamps are made of heat-resistant industrial polyester paper, which was originally developed for use in motor filters. Each sheet was folded in the form of acute angles to create different kinds of animals.


Chandelier lays aside the interesting shadow

Forms in Nature – a unique ceiling lamp, created by designer duo from the studio Hilden & Diaz. When the lights in the dark chandelier makes this magical room in fairy forest. The concept of the chandelier is a form of branching tree and its root system, creating shadows that lie directly on the surface of all the rooms.


The lamp in the shape of an arc

Fantastic elegant and smooth shape today easily translated into a variety of lamps, more similar to the objects of nature, than the creation of human hands. The collection of wooden fixtures «Free Form Lamp» designer John Procario no two identical models. All are free to flex asymmetrical waves, without repeating each other.


Interesting light bulb Andre Silva Machado

Portuguese designer André Silva Machado inspired by nature and created a wonderful night lamp, whose light is warm, natural. The lamp itself is made from high grade wood, supported by a tripod and a screw. The lampshade is made from a sheet of fir wood, thickness – 1 mm. According to the designer, “the purpose was to create an object that can modulate the light, in other words, that allows the user to control the light.


Modern interiors are bright kitchens

Modern Designer Mal Corboy clearly has the talent to create dishes. He creates magnificent interiors, infusing into their space perfect balance of light and dark elements, warm and crisp texture, the elements of nature and ambient light.


Magnificent residence in California

Ralston Avenue residence designed by architect Charles Moore, and differs from similar buildings lots of terraces and open areas for cooking and eating. Very pleasant to spend your free time, merging with nature, surrounded by lush trees. The yard is surrounded by a little, but it is still sunny. Perennial trees surround the residence nice and they are picked up in unison small plants in flower pots.


Nesting box on the roof of Klaas Kuiken

Get closer to nature in our post-industrial world and wake up to the chirping of fun, you can use a tile roof with finished houses for birds. Starling house with shingles made ​​of the same material as the other tiles, fit well in the urban environment. In addition, many birds prefer to live in groups of neighbors to each other, so they must like that approach. Perhaps if lure quails and make an additional hole in the bottom, as well as the egg-to-wire in the kitchen – you can also provide the additional dietary requirements.

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