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Ways To Incorporate Raw Woods Into Your Interior

Natural, not treated wood can be an interesting natural element to include in the house. Couple this with the other parody wood to fill the home with warmth and comfort, not standard or add edge to a minimalist space. Burl wood, driftwood pieces and many other wooden items can be given an artistic flair to drift home. With the forest root and with the most beautiful unprocessed form, color and changes are, as a rule, make a dramatic statement in the interiors. But do not forget any of your other standard types of wood, knowing that it can also be…


“The Glass Pavilion” by Steve Herman

This is a modern miracle – the handiwork of the California architect Steve Hermann (Steve Hermann). The so-called “Glass Pavilion”, is located on 14,000 square feet, is priced at auction Sotheby’s estate at $ 24 million. The house has five bedrooms, finishing in which, as well, and the rest of the interior, were used the most modern and expensive materials. Interior pieces matched perfectly – even had not come, they were going from different parts of the world! Stunning architectural style combined with unique details of decor creates a feeling of luxury and perfect taste. The house is surrounded by…


Bath with the natural scenery

Bathroom for many is not so much an area for swimming as a place for a quiet and relaxing holiday, and perhaps thought. The best way to feel the most relaxed in the bath – it is surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscape. Green foliage rather contributes to the fact that you have a sense of well being. By the way, there are several ways in which you can play around with the look of your bathroom.


Application to a series of furniture by Richard Hutten for Artifort

Dutch designer Richard Guttenom was created series of applications for the furniture brand Artifort. The design of sofas and chairs in the series, based on the types of the icon screen smartphone. The manufacturer offers this description of the product – it is a “cube with rounded corners, as an icon on the device’s screen.” Comfort is provided by the use of Annex wooden inner frame and weaving cobwebs in the back, which enhances the natural comfort of a thick layer of foam. Upholstery these applications can be performed with one or two different fabrics; as there are variations: Single…


Nature & Lighting Andre Silva Machado

Portuguese designer Andre Silva Machado inspired by nature, created a wonderful night light, the light of which the warm, natural. The lamp itself is made from high grade wood, and supported by a tripod screw. Shade is made of sheet fir, thickness – 1 mm. According to the designer: “The aim was to create an object that can modulate the light, in other words, that allows the user to control the light. From the beginning I did not want to create some very complex structure, which would be boring after a few weeks of use. I wanted to create something…


The Japanese garden in the Mediterranean

Looks very unusual Japanese garden in the Mediterranean. This combination has become possible only because of resourcefulness landscape designer. This two styles – Mediterranean and Japanese, are organically combined in the plot. The geometry of the lines very well fit into the natural surroundings proportions Japanese garden. Designer turned reddish color schemes that match the colors of the house. Japanese vegetation is doing well in this area, because the climate here is perfect for her. Japanese maple, pine, barberries are at home. Three of the reservoir, in addition to the pool were fitted on the site: a cascading waterfall, stream…


MP House by OmasC arquitectos

This is a modern house located in northern Spain, in 2012, the project Arquitectos OmasC. The windows of this luxury homes are oriented toward the north and south, to ensure smooth flow of natural light throughout the day.

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