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A three-room apartment in a reserved European style with BoConcept furniture

Galina and Sergey have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for eleven years already. The apartment appearance was changed many times. First a cosmetic repair was carried out here, then the relayout was made in 2005. All rooms were isolated at that time, the bathroom and the toilet were not combined and corridors took up part of the space. In smoky summer in 2010 the owners transferred the air conditioner from one room to another as many other people did, they even slept in the living-room once and arrived at the conclusion that it was time…


Denis Simachev studio in a former factory

Few people know that three years ago Denis Simachev’s studio in Arma Moscow Complex functioned as a private night-club. It was known only to a hundred particularly close people, who still consider parties of that time to be the best ever have been visited.


The four-level apartment in the south-west of Moscow

A four-level apartment in the south-west of Moscow upon Petr Kostelov’s project with author’s furniture and corkwood finishing. METRIC AREA 348 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 8 FLOOR 4 CEILING HEIGHT 4.4 m At the very height of crisis of 2008 – not a simple time for architects – Petr Kostelov unexpectedly received a letter with two orders which were a dream. One object was a small apartment at Kitay-gorod, the other was a two-level apartment with the metric area of 250 square meters. The owners sold the former apartment after a partial repair – the new owner walled up carefully…


The Apartment of Payam Sharifi

Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 83 m² Ceiling height: 3,2 m The apartment of Payam Sharifi, an artist and a co-founder of the “Slavs and Tatars” art group, is located in one of the well known high-rise buildings of the Stalin era on Kudrino Square. “These skyscrapers were built as a kind of reply to the West, they bear a strong resemblance to a fist with a stretched middle finger” – explains Payam in clear Russian. On warm summer days a spacious balcony of 45 m² which is according to Payam bigger than his London apartment, becomes a party…

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