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9 ideas for decorating the bedroom, in 10 different styles

There are those who customize their bedrooms by painting the walls in a cheerful and colorful way, those who prefer relaxed and warm tones and those who are dazzled by the latest fashion trends by choosing a luxury bed at Time4Sleep. The bedroom is the room of our house that probably best reflects the image and personality of those who live in and there are infinite variations to decorate it. We have therefore tried to reduce them to 9 major types, to give new inspiration for you in one of the selected styles. Which do you like more?


A few tips on how to use the vases in the interior

Many people underestimate the far vase in the decoration and interior. Someone is not taking seriously the vase in the interior. Someone keeps them in the dust in the closet and forgot about this wonderful accessories. Vases make the interior more interesting, original, and richer. Believe vases can never have enough! The main thing to choose a vase interesting and unique, and it is better if there will be a few. We’ll give you some tips how to decorate the interior with beautiful vases.


Homemade workplace

Home office can be made from different materials, both natural and man-made modern. Classic wooden furniture looks solid, and does not lose its relevance. Plastic models are suitable for the young ladies who love shocking. Glass shelves and tables appear weightless and can be located visually without cluttering the space, even in small spaces. Metal furnishings look very stylish. Women are more selective in the colors and meticulously apply to forms of furniture. Furniture manufacturers have provided the taste preferences of their clients and offer furniture in all shapes, from traditional strict geometric forms, to more unusual, intricately curved variety…


A Cozy kitchen

It seems to me that there is no woman in the world who had never dreamt to be the happy owner of the functional and cozy kitchen. In spite of the fact that modern kitchens are generally small and non-standard, it is always possible to approach to the question of interesting interior design thoroughly, and some time later you will be able to declare with confidence that you have the coziest kitchen.


Trendy Light Spin Light

Koldova designer Lucy (Lucie Koldová) unveiled a stylish lamp Spin Light intentionally to Lasvit. Reminiscent of a child’s toy “pinwheel”, it exists in several sizes and color variations with a single transparent base. Interesting experience with the forms to become worthy of a modern interior decoration.


Small houses

What could be better than a relaxing summer day at your own garden plot? Light wind kisses, the gentle touch of the sun, white clouds and a modern, comfortable and well-gardening area – all this creates an unforgettable feeling of comfort and joy and pride in their country house, mansion or estate. The clever design of the garden house – a pledge that your country site you will have a place where you will not only be able to store inventory, but with the comfort of leisure time. A well-designed and quality constructed garden house can be a decoration for…

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