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Vinyl and bright chair

Extravagant ARMCHAIR from a young Korean designer Lie Sihun – bright chair of crumpled vinyl, which is a collection of Anitya, but his appearance stands out among other products. Unusual multi-colored chair suitable for the modern interior, will make it more vivid and interesting.


Magnificent apartment with marble

Natural stone (marble and granite) in the interior has used since ancient times. Since then, until we reached a lot of products of this wonderful material. Marble – it’s wonderful and a great material for a work of art, a material widely used in marble of buildings and structures, it is made even different shapes. Did you know that in the translation of the word ” marble” is the “shining stone” ?  The Greeks who thought he was quarried marble holy stone gods. Natural stone – this is the real soul of nature, natural stone will bring your home unique….


Decorated with a beautiful wall plate

Beautiful interiors are assessed according to the degree of individuality. That is why the walls in the houses decided to decorate the paintings, photographs, carpets, and decorative plates. This is a simple and economical way to diversify the interior, transform and add flavor. Wall plates come into every home for various reasons. Someone who receives them as a gift, someone takes them on memory from other cities and countries, someone buys as a decorative element. Plates are made from environmentally friendly materials. They are made of clay, ceramics, porcelain, wood or vines. Decorative plates are more commonly seen on the…

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