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Elegant lounge chair

Modern Designer Mathias Demaker made the a great model of chairs for your comfort Basket, the manufacturer is well-known firm Softline.


Attractive carpets MANGAS

Modern designer made a collection of magnificent carpets MANGAS. Carpets are made of bright and colorful blooms and they are produced in the shape of slaves. All carpets are made from an assortment of woolen threads, all carpets are interesting and unusual shape, all the carpets are very interesting and colorful.


Warm furniture made ​​of felt

Modern designer Brandon Norsted created an interesting application of the felt. He did not make it out of clothes, and created furniture. It permeates the felt and an epoxy resin, laid in several layers of fiberglass. So Brandon Norsteda get the felt necessary to give it shape. Furniture made ​​of felt to get interesting, but is not for everyone, and some may not like it


Beautiful vases made ​​of concrete

Modern Designer from Thailand Decha Archjananun invented a beautiful project Weight Vase, who became his undergraduate work at the end of the College of Art and Design in Switzerland. Vases are different from the simple understanding of the field. Each vase is composed of two divisions – the water tank, and the neck, which is designed to carry the flowers. Weight Vases accordance with these principles, the difference lies only in that the two parts are connected, as is usual, together. Here the water tank is constructed of concrete and some supporting steel rods flowers are an independent element.


Creative Idea by Stephan Copeland – ‘Free Stand’

Free Stand is a minimalist design created by USA-based industrial designer Stephan Copeland for Coalesse. The mini desk is perfect for our generation of tech-savvy individuals. The design is ideal for use on a cour or lounge chair due to its adjustable height from 19.5″ to 27″. The entire design can be folded into a compact form of no more than 5″ high. There is also a built-in handle to conveniently carry the desk from space to space. When not in use, Free Stand can quickly become invisible by being hidden underneath a desk or the couch.


Idea of Scott Gundersen for Old Corks

One can only guess that when Michigan-based visual artist Scott Gundersen treats himself to dinner and a bottle of fine wine, the focus isn’t on the bouquet or even the vintage of said wine, but on the cork. Why? Because instead of tossing them into the trash where they will head to a landfill and rot for thousands of years, Gundersen adds these wine-stained corks to his collection to use in one of his stunning, larger-than-life portraits.

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