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Designer chairs Cair One and One Chair

German designer Konstantin Grcic has created a modern chair in a minimalist style, it is very functional and compact. The chair is very different from other chairs, this chair looks very comfortable and beautiful, and more youth. The chair has stolen aluminum as three-dimensional structures, plates fused together with each other and is a cost structure. Incoming search terms: Designer chair


A spacious tree-room apartment on Vernadskogo prospect in a minimalist style

OWNERS Elena – an artist, the author of M.EL Studio Interior Art project, Alexander – works in engineering business Metric area 122 sq.m Number of rooms 3 Floor 4 Ceiling height 2.9 m Alexander purchased an apartment in a house under construction on Vernadskogo prospect about three years ago: he was attracted by the district convenient location and many educational institutions for children nearby, taking into account their plans for future. The repair in a free concrete perimeter with two loggias lasted eight months after the construction had been finished. The couple determined the stylistic direction of their future dwelling…


Modern interiors are bright kitchens

Modern Designer Mal Corboy clearly has the talent to create dishes. He creates magnificent interiors, infusing into their space perfect balance of light and dark elements, warm and crisp texture, the elements of nature and ambient light.

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