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The White House on Guemes Island

American Home, which is located in Washington state on the island of Güemes (Guemes). The idea of the interior of the house – a combination of minimalism, white and natural wood in the interior. With white color all clear, by the way – even outside the house is completely painted in white, and the tree here – it’s open rafters, it has now become very popular not close them, but simply to paint or varnish, a wood frame in the windows, doors and a ladder on the second floor of the cottage. Minimalism in the interior of the house is…


One-bedroom apartment in the industrial style

A two-room apartment in industrial style with concrete ceilings and glass partitions. OWNERS Alena – a photographer Vitaly – deals in autobusiness METRIC AREA 70 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Vitaly and Alena moved into their “almost loft” in Kurkino two and a half years ago. They were attracted by a well-developed infrastructure, ecological cleanness, and a low building density of this district, located in the north-west of Moscow just outside the Moscow Ring Road and designed according to all rules of scientific urban planning at the time. The repair lasted for almost a…


landscaping of residential and public spaces

As an example of unobtrusive green spaces of houses and public interiors (in this case, the shop interior) example of the architectural studio Suppose Design Office. They get it so skillfully that the atmosphere of the living space poised on the brink of a pleasant conservatory, cottage polisadnika and, at the same time, minimalism.

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