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Lenga Modular System

The modular system is a minimal design created in Jerusalem, Israel, developed Yes, oui si.Dizayn inspired suspension system in which the various parts can be placed and moved according to the function it serves. This furniture helps sohrnayat more space and zahlomlyat room. For flat space, in particular, the wall is not used enough to provide storage. However, with this modular set, the user can build a system as high or wide as he / she needs, using wall space and the maximum area.


Mantis Desk by Samuel Wilkinson

Mantis desk is minimal design created England designer Samuel Wilkinson. Framework for the registration Mantis was to create a comfortable working space available with a clean elegant design that can work well at home or in the office. Convenient design comes with additional accessories to help keep your surroundings neat and clean. Wood surface has a removable plate, which provides easy access to the storage tray hiding unsightly cables and connectors. Accessories include a removable drawer for laptop or documents, and files. Book holder and a rear panel that can either act as a note board or privacy screen. All…

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