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Bookshelf with plants

For the first time we saw the green furniture collection Nautinox Greenline Collection in April at furniture fair in Milan. The Italian manufacturer has recently introduced a new bookshelf with a structure that allows the climbing plants spread over all the shelves. The lattice of steel is softened by wooden shelves and green plants – the perfect combination. Nautinox manufactures furniture for the court of environmentally friendly materials. The same pattern they used for the collection of furniture: a metal frame painted with paint without volatile organic compounds that can withstand water and has no toxins.


Interesting lamp of origami

On the design week in Milan made a splash luxurious origami lamp from the Chilean Si Studio. Large-sized origami have been inspired by nature and made from simple sheets of heat-resistant paper carefully folded in the shape of animals. Each lamp emits a warm light while making an aesthetic design to any room. Luxury lamps are made of heat-resistant industrial polyester paper, which was originally developed for use in motor filters. Each sheet was folded in the form of acute angles to create different kinds of animals.


Giant furniture from Umberto Dattola

Furniture surrounding you – a sort of amazing things that keep the memory of your joy and sorrow, are silent witnesses of ups and downs. Sometimes, it seems that the most simple and ordinary chairs and tables, curtains not even the weather, have a soul, can affect your mood. And certainly one can claim that there is a fine mental organization by the beds and dressers made by the famous Italian designer UmbertoDattoloy (Umberto Dattola).


Very unusual furniture with ingrown plants

Creative Furniture – Da Morto A Orto created a duo of designers Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonapace. They showed it to the public at the Design Week in Milan. The basic idea of creative furniture collection is to combine different pieces of furniture and creation of functional hybrids: a chair with wooden drawers and flowerpots, chairs with metal pots of flowers that grow out of his back, and the like. The authors suggest traditional understanding of furniture and teaching us to think creatively. Now that you know what to do with an old chair or chest of drawers! Do not…


Altdeutsche Möbel – a new collection of furniture from Moooi

Dutch brand Moooi is Altdeutsche Möbel – a new collection of furniture, consisting of a chest high pendulum clocks and cabinets. Series is designed Dutch-Belgian design duo Studio Job, it is made in the style of ancient Frankish decorative items, hand painted. The collection is presented at the Milan Design Week 2012 and is made of pine.

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