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Beautiful Hanging terrarium – a lamp

The designer, born in Mexico and has lived in the Netherlands, Jose de la O presented a gorgeous pendant light, which is both a vegetable garden. The lamp uses a special lamp, which provides an increased amount of blue light to help plants grow. The designer sees the lamp is not only a source of light, but also a resource for growing vegetables in the city, where there is never enough space for gardening.


Funny House – a snail in Mexico

The architecture of different countries does not cease to amaze us with its diversity and uniqueness. Country Mexico is no exception, but on the contrary is original in architectural creations. She has learned to skillfully combine modern architecture with colonial times.


Beautiful hotel on the coast of Mexico

Looking around the coastal strip, guests can fully enjoy the amazing green conservation area, and fans of the water element will not be indifferent to the majesty of the Pacific. Even wild animals are not rare guests at the hotel, and above the water surface can be observed on the flight flocks of birds. For those who do not prefer to relax, not dipping into the bosom of nature, love our cozy majestic hotel, built in the colonial style, bars and restaurants, a stylized cabin, as well as a swimming pool with sea water. Its bottom is lined with the…

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