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The original wall paintings from PIXERS

Pastel colors in the interior as ever at the peak of popularity. And it seems that this trend is not long out of fashion. American studio PIXERS, known for its provocative collections of wallpaper, introduced a new line of modern wall murals in soft muted shades. Soft like a velvet surface murals visually expressive, not aggressive, so that would be appropriate in large and small-sized room. These pastels are easily combined with modern elements of furniture, accessories and textiles, as there are in the palette catalogs of many manufacturers.


White white interior

Let us consider in more detail white. This color only looks simple, not many know that it contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow, lies the secret of the strength and huge potential. White – the color of the absolute symbol of the beginning. Some people believe that the world in the first few seconds of existence was white, so steady and stuck the phrase “white light.” The Japanese give the white colors a lot of attention, they have a white sheet of paper is just as important as the text, which was written on it. For designers – this…

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