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Gorgeous chairs and stools from Martz Edition

Design studio Martz Edition unveiled a collection of elegant chairs and stools, manufactured from aluminum, wood, fabric, leather. One of the most unusual chairs collection is a chair with a backrest, which “embraces” a seated person. The most unusual detail in his appearance is back, as it were wrapped around the seat and smoothly into the foot. It gives the chair is not only an unusual visual representation, but also makes it extremely easy to operate. The collection also includes chairs, chairs and bar stools, which are represented by a wide selection of bright colors. Collection participated in the largest…


Glass vases in the interior

Modern glass vases can be manufactured to the original technologies: multi-layer or mosaic glass, with the application of paints or glazes painted metal, with the use of various equipment and iridescence, with etching or matting. Especially popular today vases glass geometric shapes. In most cases, they are filled with a variety of entertaining things. This can be Smalt, colorful snail shells, sea shells, dried flower petals, and even glued moss balls.


Interesting lamp

Mileage rare and extremely fashionable pendants, industrial, with green enamel with interesting glass convex lenses. Manufactured Thorlux, 1930/40′s, fleeing MOD-center in central Scotland. Completely renovated and equipped with new bulbholders.

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