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Eco bamboo furniture in your home

Eco-design enjoys great popularity today. One of the interesting materials used in eco-style is bamboo, which has long been used both for construction and for the manufacture of furniture and other items for daily life. Bamboo is a very strong and durable material, it is very lightweight and resistant to external influences


The most unusual furniture covers

The last couple of years, world designers delight us with interesting solutions in the manufacture of furniture. One of the trendiest areas of industrial design is handmade. That is, more and more often we can see the extravagant knitted furniture that causes surprise and delight. Knitted furniture offers enormous scope for designers and expands the horizons of their many ideas. One of the most famous designer Daniel Hedner for the trading house Imaginaryoffice presented a collection of cross-linked residues of textiles and clothing.


Shades of felt

Very simple and yet so beautiful – is used for the manufacture of soft felt. Come from two sheets of felt and glue spider, we lay this cobweb between sheets of iron and glue, and then sew onto the cone and soak in hot water to stretch the form of what some – like this one, we fix and give to dry completely, then without removing from the mold are cut by a sharp razor shape of butterflies and only carefully remove from the form, the edge of the lampshade cut out tracery. Connect a bowl – you can screw…

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