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Christmas dining rooms

How to fit many guests? Christmas Day is an excuse to please family and friends en masse so why not use a bench where you can so that you can squeeze all around the same table. Simple addition of a beautiful green color, is a great way to give another simple contemporary dining fine festive.   Add Mix-gray with metallic Banquet seating another simple solution that works well for formal and family dining and business. Here, the combination of a beautiful gray and neutrals mixed with touches of metal creates a beautiful view to the old glass panels that add…


Modern-Gothic House with Cool Wine Cellar

This stunning pool house has been designed by interior designer firm Jamie Beckwith in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to being an interior designer and creating her product line, Jamie has a showroom in Nashville where she has curated design products that are unique, beautiful and innovative. The pool house was designed on the grounds of her own house which is a Gothic-style estate, as a place for her out-of-town guests to stay and as an entertaining area for family barbeques and hosting charity events.


Exclusive Duplex Penthouse in Manhattan

This exclusive 5,000 square foot duplex penthouse is located in the 40 story Park Laurel condominium, a residential skyscraper built in 2000 and designed by Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis in Mahanttan, New York City, USA. Located on the top two floors of the building, the five bedroom, five and a half bath apartment offers breathtaking 360 degree views Central Park and the city’s skyline.


Garden Ideas: Parisian Mansion by Raf Simons

Luxury fashion brand Christian Dior has been known to be on the cutting edge of fashions and trends, so it’s only fitting that the latest fashion show in Paris embodies the amazing collection that the designer reveals. The floral garden walls were expressed with the beauty of peonies, carnations, goldenrod, delphiniums and roses. Designer Raf Simons was behind the latest runway show in Paris, and the result was simply stunning. One million flower blooms adorned the interior of a Parisian mansion. While the models strutted their designer duds, there’s no doubt that the interior had guests mesmerized by the delicately…


Luxury Residence by Natkevicius & Partners

From a distance, you would think the Utriai Residence is crushing the cars underneath it. But it’s really an example of the brilliant guys at the Architectural Bureau G. Natkevicius & Partners design which is a house built with an open space under it’s slightly risen frame to hold space for two cars. The home was constructed on a hilly slope of the Minija valley in Lithuania for a family of three.

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