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Interesting light bulb Andre Silva Machado

Portuguese designer André Silva Machado inspired by nature and created a wonderful night lamp, whose light is warm, natural. The lamp itself is made from high grade wood, supported by a tripod and a screw. The lampshade is made from a sheet of fir wood, thickness – 1 mm. According to the designer, “the purpose was to create an object that can modulate the light, in other words, that allows the user to control the light.


Lampshade with their hands

Want to make a lampshade to the country, say – is difficult, nothing like that – it is easy! The material that will be required – is in any hardware store. A need, a set of lights, it is sold in the department of light in the garden department buy a vase for flowers and linen twine, and where are selling hardware for doors and locks, pick up just such a work piece with a hole in the middle.


Dado lamp from Julian Apelius for company Pulpo

Dado – cubic lamp, created in Berlin, designer Julian Apelius in cooperation with the German company Pulpo. Cubic lamps powder coated on steel plates, thickness of 1.5 mm and a lampshade made ​​of sheet. Two different materials light bulbs with three magnets, which are glued together at the corners akrilovogoabazhura and cling to the steel plate. Dado is available in two sizes, 150 mm x 150 mm and 220 mm x 220 mm, and in many bright colors.

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