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The lamp in the shape of an arc

Fantastic elegant and smooth shape today easily translated into a variety of lamps, more similar to the objects of nature, than the creation of human hands. The collection of wooden fixtures «Free Form Lamp» designer John Procario no two identical models. All are free to flex asymmetrical waves, without repeating each other.


A studio apartment of architects with wood finishing and hand-made furniture.

OWNERS Alexander Kanygin – an architect Anna Druzhinina – an architect METRIC AREA 60 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 2 CEILING HEIGHT 3.1 m Alexander and Anna moved into their apartment fallen to them from their parents, which is located on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal, about three years ago. They are both architects by training, that’s why all interior solutions, often spontaneous, belong to them. Sasha is engaged in making of furniture from wood: he made the kitchen, chairs, tables, and lamps for the apartment by himself. The owners also make interior object for sale. Anya and…


One bedroom apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture

A two-room apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture. METRIC AREA 70 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 7 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Ekaterina and her husband sold their apartment in a residential district and bought the apartment on Frunzenskaya banking four years ago. The repair lasted for nine months, and their child was born the following day after its finishing. The dwelling turned out to be cramped for a family that’s why they decided to rent it. For the moment of purchase there was a standard two-room apartment with a long corridor, two rooms, a small kitchen, and…


Beautiful lamp in the form of a cake

Design Studio Morten & Jonas interesting table lamp designed specifically for Northern Lighting. «Bake me a cake», or “Bake me a cake,” says her name and appearance reinforces the playful statement. Made of oak and stained glass, it looks mysteriously in the interior, and to replace the bulb, simply lift the lid. Interestingly, this project has been developed by designers with the Norwegian Correctional and lamps are not made ​​by experts at the factory and prison inmates, with strict quality control, of course.


Lamps ILI-ILI studio Grupa

Objects-pyramid – a new and very promising trend object design. Further confirmation of this – lighting studio Grupa. Series lamps ILI-ILI – Modular fixtures. Six modules, you can collect them in a random order, over and over again to make a new result.


15 Ideas how to use plastic straws

What can we do with plastic straws after use? For example, fast-food chains give out more than 50 million meals per year, which significantly contribute to the dump full  of straw tubes. The good  news is that these straws can be re-used for art and craft projects! As a rule, they are made of polypropylene or polyethylene, which is a recycled material, and you can easily make a lot of interesting objects, such as lamps or decorative items. If you do not want to put them in the basket, to be creative in how you want your structure to look!…

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