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Mushrooms – lights from Yukio Takano

In order to create an original interior of your home is very important not to forget about the details such as lamps, which provide comfort. Exactly of the same opinion and designer of Japan Yukio Takano, which itself creates lights in the form of a mushroom. They consist of a glass cap, ie ceilings and wooden legs, which is located inside the battery, mains LED bulb. Such luminous mushrooms emit different colors, creating a perfectly cozy lighting in the house.


Creative white lamp with a roof

Nonstandard the chandelier shades usually or make to order, or with their hands… And want an unusual lamp and not unavailable for money. One of the options that seem genuine. It is a pity only, that the sale is to be found only in Japan, and standing lamp called Roof in the haus 16800 yen (about 7 000 rubles). The size of its 70х36х36см (length, width, depth)


House in Japan

Two small size of the house in the rice fields are separated by a miniature Japanese garden.


House by Studio SKLIM

Studio SKLIM has designed the Hansha Reflection House project. Completed in 2011, this 1,334 square foot, two story, contemporary home is located in Nagoya, Japan. Incoming search terms: wall mounted storage unit , slimline wall mounted storage unit

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