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Round bed convertible

The new solution came up with Italian designer bed consists of two symmetrical sofas that come together turning into a full bed for guests and fastened to each other by only one bracket.


The original Lamp Stewie

Italian designer Luc Nichetto has created the new lamp called Stewie, which was designed specifically for the collection of plant Foscarini. A feature of the new product is that it not only can shine, but to create a mood in the room by using different colors. This can be white, green, orange – each chosen for their mood.


Elegant lamp

Italian designer Alberto Puchetti together with Northern Lighting has developed a lamp Aerodrome. Its appearance is inspired by the aerodynamic design of turbine aircraft engines, as well as features of Scandinavian style since the 60s of last century. Concisely and cold glow not make the room more comfortable, but instead create an atmosphere similar to the lounge area of business class at the airport. Aerodrome lamp looks rich and elegant, which certainly fits many connoisseurs of minimalism.

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