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The most creative lamp for the interior of your home

Chandeliers surround us all our lives. Sometimes we are so accustomed to them that do not even pay attention to them. But, if you decide to purchase a creative light, your life will change the hour.  It just so happened that rarely seeks to acquire original, unusual table lamp creative – after all that important? To this lamp lights, and covered everything you need. But the design – minor matters. Let’s see what kind of tubes offer designers in order to diversify the life and work of ordinary people. As only starts to get dark, every man turns on the…


Laundry in building

Modern engineering allows a lot of work to pass on to consumer goods. For example, washing with a washing machine can be child’s play. One question remains – where to place the equipment necessary for washing and as ergonomically arrange a specially allocated space following the style properties Interior. In apartments and houses with a large area of modern designers try to allocate a separate room to perform household work: washing and ironing. This is done, first of all, of sanitary reasons, as the process is associated with the possibility of an increased temperature and humidity of air, steam generation,…


Bright and stylish designer of Ana Cordeiro

If you move away from the banality for resettlement on the premises, the result can be an outstanding interior, cozy, comfortable and incredible functionality. In many ways, the perception of color sets the style of the room. Vivid and bright colors give the room a joyful, carefree little look. Especially uplifting green in the interior – it helps to escape the monotony and achieve psychological comfort. Scattered around the room, he makes a note of freshness. Sets the mood of the room especially the carpet on the floor. If razabrats coloring matches the COLOR of walls, then there is an…


Bright Vintage

Vintage – a special style, concealing a unique and noble. And even with the effect of aging performed, all the interior details are fraught with a certain elegance and grandeur of the past centuries. Because vintage is a style emulated the old days, it’s a big trampoline and any other sport equipment here hardly fit harmoniously. But the spacious library and a fireplace room will be the highlight of your home. Essential attribute of this style is a bouquet of dried flowers, which put in the family room. And the color is better to choose the field and give them…


Yellow Inside

Yellow, which lifts our spirits! But when painting your walls, yellow, often cutting eye color to get right. He often comes too green or too pale and washed out. Yellow, which have a strong depth and make you fresh again. It’s no secret that the yellow light has long been the choice of color for the interior. And why not? Sunny, warm and uplifting.


Photos of the interior

What do the Queen Victoria and the Russian Emperor Nicholas II? It turns out that both the monarch was, in modern terms, fans of photography. And they enthusiastically decorated the walls of their apartments and residences.


Inviting Spanish Revival bungalow in San Anselmo

This cozy bungalow in San Anselmo, California was made Alison Davin jute design interera. Client wanted a house that was warm and lived in rather smooth and with a new sense. The combination of vintage items and the global part of the decor with history has been used throughout the house. 1,000 square feet for a family of three, the client has had the experience of the Peace Corps, created the design decisions in the family. To match the Spanish Revival architecture, the designer added a light wooden beams on the ceiling and a new surround kamin.Puchkov add warmth to…

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