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Flamboyant Wallflower Photographic Wall Decals

Stickers on the wall, great decorations for bare walls. You must znacht wall stickers that do exist, especially those made with high resolution photos enlarged wide enough to cover your walls. What is more interesting for this innovation, fun stickers can be easily removed if you want them to be placed in another part of your home.


Crowd Candlesticks by David Taylor

Designer from Stockholm, David Taylor, sees its latest series of spark in a crowd of friends that change over time, when some of them are sold and others are made to replace them. Unusual option, and interesting.


Creative Display Shelf Ideas

All items that are displayed, they deserve a decent display shelf to be installed on. There may be display pieces that are relics, DIY Curiously, bookcases, who read to you and many other parts of the display that people can come up with. Here are the most unusual, interesting, many shelves you will like some of them will be just as good with nothing on them at all.


Home in New York

Soft, almost like a cozy retreat fit the description for the Chelsea-based Pied Terre, developed by designer Michael Rubin Architects.The interior few Beachy with a complex sense of the city attracts. Light blue is sitting in conjunction with brick-red and light neutral to keep things interesting, but not boring. Lots of space equipped in the mirror, while the most important elements (for example, closeting) are built-in standards.


Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

This is unusual, you are looking at a bear shape big bean bag. It is a imitation of a lively hibernating Grizzly bear. The graphics on the bean bag is knitted, instead of printed. It can be use as a chair, a sofa, or it can be a interesting decoration for you home.  The bean bag cover can be taken off for washing.

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