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Mobile kitchen Skitsch

Italian company created Skitsch interesting product – mobile and collapsible mini-kitchen designer Elie Mangin. The kitchen is suitable for both home and for the open veranda, and for your house, and consists of a wooden table, gas stove burners and two sinks. Under the cover countertops have boxes of knives and forks. The whole structure is mounted on the eight bolts. Materials – stainless steel and ash. It is convenient and simple, and looks very nice.


Designer SMEG fridge

The unusual design decorate your kitchen refrigerator, and more. Your friends will envy you for sure when they see such an interesting design.


Home Office

Not always in the house there is plenty of work area, or you do not know how to make a small area to work with. We will give you some interesting and different ideas that you can use for yourself. Incoming search terms: XMAS TREE


Unusual chair with his hands

Today we’ll show you how easy it is to make interesting chair from simple improvised. You will need the simple things: tires, fabric, padding polyester, insulation, nails, plywood.


Unique Christmas Tree

With the holiday season is already upon us, it can be difficult to come up with an exciting interesting topics for your tree and home decor. Traditional wood structures for information, and get ideas for your celebration of the holiday. Incoming search terms: christmas tree , french christmas tree , christmas tree decorations


Create Some Interesting Pieces of Furniture

Belts can be more unusual after use, if you now how to process wisely. Many ideas and materials can provide good things in the house of which can be easily put into practice. There are a lot of old leather belts that were removed because of changing tastes, or a part is broken, or maybe the original owner just got too thick. You can do is make the old and useless belts and not be such a chair is unique and simple. You can also make beautiful bracelets out of old belts or other decorations.


Dynamic and Versatile Modular Furniture Sets Your Creativity Free

“More” Design Rulz, and we fell in love with the concept! Very new and comfortable, still have modular furniture that changes forever the way we perceive space. It offers endless different solutions, and it can be used in different. Designed for indoor and outdoor spaces more interesting way to set creativity free. The central concept of this project, designed by the Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso, was transformability.

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