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Bright house in Korea

Moon Hoon architects have created a home for a very interesting and creative for the client – the bass player in a rock band Rock It Suda. The house, located in Gangwon-do, South Korea, like the abode of the heroes of the various fun computer games. The house looks very unusual and bright.


Bookshelves of the table

Source of ideas for “Matt Carr’s ingenious biblioteca bookshelf” of such an interesting transformation of the old table in the bookshelf are coffee beans. As he saw the grains are cut in half and each half is a separate – and this was the embodiment of the idea of the half of any object to a subject. Here’s the idea – if you need a shelf, and to throw out the old table, then sawed it in half, and a little paint – you get the thing!


Functional Coffee Table

We like to throw the book on the coffee table. Studio ehoeho up with solution of problems of disorder, developing a coffee table with a place for books One-Two. Look. This table, according to developers, a direct result of personal experience and views. It is possible to place several of their favorite books and magazines – those who want to get re-reading. In two coffee table storage space for three offices that will accommodate a large number of vertically interesting literature. In the evening, lounging on the couch with a glass of wine, review them, without fear of confusion.


The life of a designer

This beautiful home designer Michael Verheyden in Belgium. Michaël is a modern designer who creates for the contemporary home accessories and furniture. In his work, he often used natural leather, linen and other natural materials that look even better as time goes by, and more interesting.


Making your ceiling

Most prefer to see on a plain white plaster ceiling. Most often this is due to lack of belief in the need to change anything in this part of the room, but there are those who think the white square on the head cavities truly ideal. Probably, these hypothetical people are just not aware of the great number of interesting ideas for decorating ceilings.


Sorri Lounge

Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos came up a broad and interesting chair made of solid wood for carpentry Portuguese brand WEWOOD. “Easily recognized by those big soft surface, an important feature that provides all the amenities with wide throw things like bags, coats or book.” Says Campos. Many of the design details have been considered in the chair, to emphasize its robust design and its main curve, reminescent of the invitation and providing a smile.


Hinged furniture

Position of a table and seats by default – Unfolded, in the position they are quite interesting. Only when you urgently need, for instance, a house full of guests – and a table and benches to climb the wall, giving you more space. The perfect solution for small-sized kitchen and beyond.

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