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Cozy Cat Longcroft Hotel in London

Quite a luxury hotel with five star service and gourmet restaurant, opened recently in north London. An important detail is the establishment – all guests must be able to mow. In short, the new hotel Longcroft is only for cats.


Convenient cabinet – wardrobe from Hosun Ching

Designer Hosun Ching created the wardrobe for my graduation project. It can safely be called “Smart closet,” as he called mini-fitting mirrors to see the beauty of the costumes from every angle. According to the designer: “The depth of a standard wardrobe 60cm. This is too little, it is simply impossible. With this size of a cupboard, you literally lose sight of your clothes and  notice things that have not clothed. Dressing room – it’s a smart device storage solution designed. The most important thing in these models – the organization and visibility.


Decor ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom design consists not only of the form or appearance of the tiles plumbing. It is very important color decision, and the scale of finishing materials (tile size, picture size, color) and dimensions plumbing fixtures. In small spaces, do not use large tiles (eg 45 x 45 cm) and bulky equipment, and dark shades and large paintings on tiles or panels.


Stylish space

Every family has a small place in your home where it is either left blank or desperately in need of some furniture. If you need to put a small table or chair in this space to use it and make it useful it is important to do it correctly. On the photos show examples may inspire some of you to alterations in the apartment.

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