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Restore order in the pantry!

Availability of storage in the apartment – just incredible luck! In it we keep harvesting the winter, seasonal clothing, sports equipment, tools and appliances. The main thing is not to hammer the pantry chaotic everyone. The organization of space in the closet in our hands! In the pantry shelves have to be – deep and roomy, and most importantly – reliable. They can be made of wood or metal profiles. You can put in a large pantry shelf instead of shelves. A place on the walls with rows of hooks on which to hang various things convenient and clothing.


The dining area is a great idea for your apartment

A place for a meal depends on many factors – the total area of ​​the house, the amount of free time in the household, even from the geographical location and cultural traditions. To save space, time and energy of a dining table is often located in an area close to the place of cooking.

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