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A moving Chest from Markus Johansson Design Studio

The Commode Walking Cabinet was designed by the Swedish firm Markus Johansson Design Studio and will be presented at Salone Satellite 2013 in Milan. Sleek and stylish piece of furniture as if launched into a playful dance. It looks good on its own or in the company of his fellow harmonious. Simple and elegant at the same time, a chest of drawers can decorate the living or working space, decorated in a modern style.


Sofa with a tube for a cat

Furniture and household pets … how to achieve their harmonious coexistence? Korean designer Moon Senge proposes to treat them as equal companions, at least in the use of soft furnishings. For this, he has developed and brought to life the sofa – a round back which serves as a pipe with a soft inside and outside. Now, instead of sharpening claws on a soft lining, the cat may take a journey inside the furniture itself.

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