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Design a beautiful table

Designers Bano Manuel Galvan and David have created a collection of tables «Supernova» commissioned by the Spanish design studio «LaSelva». Table «Supernova» made so that under the sink is attached a piece of elastic material, which performs the function of a hammock. The elastic hammock is a place where you can store newspapers and magazines that will add up through the hole in the surface of the countertop. Collection «Supernova» consists of the table and side table, both of these items are made of wood covered with lacquer, and has steel legs.


Beautiful lounger

Creative Turkish designers Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa in 2007 designed this hammock, called the Leaf, which translates as a sheet. It looks simple, but beautiful, and the look of this two loungers for relaxation really like leaf falling from a tree. The hammock is made of Dacron, it can be used in the home or in the veranda or under the open sky. It can be purchased in different colors.

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