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Green furniture in the interior

Young designer Asif Khan has created a small collection of tables and chairs, where the plant material is used – baby’s breath. The efforts of the designer – to emphasize the life potential of the materials around us – well spent. I’m surprised. After the process of growing and shaping of surfaces under the lights it’s time to dry, during which all the moisture is removed from the plant. Using linseed oil Asif fills the void and gives plants a solid form. Of course, the daily use of this furniture will not stand, but as a matter of decor –…


Cheerful garden

Garden can decorate not only expensive things for the interior, but the old things, exactly! Find the attic their old shoes, or bag, and here’s a great idea, where they can look out of the plant. And if you dig in the garage, then for sure you will find it an old bike, or a couple of pans, cans, all of this is useful to you, and here’s a couple of ideas that you had no idea how to make candy out of the trash.

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