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Fallen tree in the interior

The young French designer Benjamin Greyndorg in the Design Miami (Benjamin Graindorge) presents his work “Fallen Tree” (FallenTree). This original piece of furniture is a tree, a bench of oak and glass.


LED-chandelier “Ropes”

Lehanner Mathieu (Mathieu Lehanneur) designed chandelier “Ropes” at the Museum of Decorative Arts, ceramics and fashion at the castle Borely Marseille. This lamp made of borosilicate glass, whose lines are intertwined.


Fixtures exhibition ISaloni 2013

The first day of exhibition ISaloni 2013 began with the lighting of pavilions. Lighting designers were trying to impress the most incredible and different ideas, forms, materials and textures. And we faced a difficult task to see everything to fill up the piggy bank of ideas and share with others. Many factories produce light of all that I can only meet in nature and human life. Glass, metal, plastics and textiles are not new for the manufacture of lighting equipment, so the emphasis is on the form and concept of the lamp. For example, the glass bulb is gaining popularity….


The Woods by Stokke Austad

These glass trees have no function, they just look awesome. The company creates interesting glass balls on sticks in a tree, just out of the glass. Here is art, crafts, beautiful and simple.


Apartment in a new building on Leninsky Prospekt

Sergey and Marina bought their flat in a new building on Leninsky prospect in 2010. The repair took one more year. Marina made acquaintance with the designer Natalia Lebedeva long ago during the repair of another apartment. The relations designer – customer turned into a close friendship since that time, and Natalia thought out a new apartment again. Notwithstanding that the apartment is located on the 32nd floor of a new building, difficulties occurred with a free layout and walls: the space was broken and geometric. The owners wanted to leave as much open space as possible at a small…


Modern Glass Bathubs

Maybe you’ve seen some of the collections of glass and / or transparent bathrooms on other blogs, and even though some of these baths can be in this list, it also has some new and more modern designs, you can rassmatret new variants transparent baths. Practical, comfortable and unusual.


Glass pillow room lighting

Cushion, which in any case can not sleep, came up with Marlin Kervers (Marleen Kurvers), a young designer from the Netherlands, a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Eindhoven. And not just because it is hard, cold, clear and fragile as entirely made ​​of glass. The fact that this pillow – creative design lights Pillow light, which soon could be useful for other purposes. As an artist and designer of the glass, the author is able to expertly handle this whimsical and brittle material. Thus, an unusual night light pillow Pillow light reminiscent not only of its…

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