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Convenient hanging table for small apartments

Balcony, even the smallest, can turn into a wonderful old cabinet or a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air due to the suspension multifunction table, created by German designer Michael Hilgers (Michael Hilgers). From this table you can put your feet up on the balcony and do their business, sometimes watching the hurrying passers-by or passing clouds.


One bedroom apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture

A two-room apartment with Ralph Lauren wallpaper and designer furniture. METRIC AREA 70 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 7 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Ekaterina and her husband sold their apartment in a residential district and bought the apartment on Frunzenskaya banking four years ago. The repair lasted for nine months, and their child was born the following day after its finishing. The dwelling turned out to be cramped for a family that’s why they decided to rent it. For the moment of purchase there was a standard two-room apartment with a long corridor, two rooms, a small kitchen, and…


Spacious apartment “Airbus”

Residential Complex “Aerobus” was commissioned at the end of 2008, but since before this Eduard turned attention to a remarkable architecture while driving by the complex and it got him thinking to move here. His requirements were strict: modern European architecture, panoramic windows, impressive view, safety, underground parking, and location. Eduard worked in a restaurant business and lived in Kurkino before. Moving to “Aerobus” was connected with his activity change: now he is engaged in interiors, designer furniture, and textiles, so he didn’t experience problems with his new apartment filling. Elena Filimonova – the owner’s best friend and architect by…


Bench and stool “Zieharsofika” from Harde Meike

Created by German designer Harde Meike – Zieharsofika is a set of benches and stools. According to the designer: “beauty-controlled draperies benches and stools visually translate them into a large dimension. Vypusklye circles, like a “wrinkle” in the upholstery hidden complicate construction. The fabric should play against their rules, but also to be tight as the skin without wrinkles. «Zieharsofika» does bulge like a “wrinkle” in the product of one of its most important features. Padding is performed using conventional foam pads, which, with a rubber band, serve as an ornamental species. In a small area is a rectangular foam,…

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