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Wonderful wooden garden furniture

Today should think about what kind of garden furniture to choose for the upcoming summer season. Passionate gardeners who are addicted to landscape design on your own site, or go to the cottage on the weekend, sooner or later, thinking about how to make your outdoor fun enjoyable and comfortable. The answer is obvious – quality furniture for the garden and the garden of reliable material. It is furnished with a holiday is a more comfortable and at ease. Gardeners who have already tried the cheap plastic tables and chairs are of poor quality, are beginning to look for alternatives….


Wooden pallets as furniture

Wooden pallets going through a real peak of popularity. In the west, the reason for that is the craze for using recycled materials, for us it’s an incredible opportunity for mere pennies conceptually decorate the house. Well, or cottage.


Wicker garden furniture

We wicker furniture virtually no disadvantages, but the advantages are countless. Material property of wicker furniture recover temperature and humidity makes this furniture perfect for decorating outdoor courtyards, gardens, porches and terraces. In addition, these subjects interior needs minimal care. In order for it for many years kept its original appearance, the product just once a month lay wet sheet and leave overnight so – this will prevent the wood from cracking in a dry place with low humidity. If on the contrary, it has suffered from the rain, it should be dry. Of dust can be cleaned with the…

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