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Elegant Chair Oxoye by designer Dzmitry Samal

These wonderful chairs can make a special and interesting atmosphere, and give the interior charm and elegance. These beautiful chairs created Dzmitry Samal, it created an interesting project for the popular movies Soca. Design furniture is very similar to a car seat is made in the style of retro and futuristic style. This chair is made of the simplest materials, plywood, and beautiful metal inserts. Chair of the firm is given with different prints.


Beautiful Mobile Home EleMMent Palazzo

This wonderful home for dreamy created a huge bus home in a futuristic style. Not everyone found himself in such a situation, even in a stationary hotel somewhere, and in EleMMent Palazzo has a fantastic stuffed with leather furniture, a bathroom with marble tiles and of course with kitchen and bar with light-music to boot! And if you descend to the guests, the side wall extends easily, thereby increasing the space!

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