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Bed – wood

In a world filled with high-tech synthetic and futuristic design yet still simple things that can refresh and soothe our perception. It is to such items of furniture is wrought canopy bed “under the forest canopy.” Not accidentally company name – Anthropologie the science of man. The bed is created manually, which means two identical – does not exist. Price ranges from $ 5300 to $ 5600, manufacturing period of about three weeks.


Beautiful furniture for picnic

This series of furniture, consisting of a table and chairs can be used on a picnic. Made it so that will help to use napkins and disposable dishes without regard to the wind, which usually blows things off the table. Interesting and practical table, smooth surface with no sharp corners chairs help you relax, and enjoy the fellowship and picnic.


Exquisite collection of garden furniture

Romantic and elegant design, as are the materials steel, aluminum, teak and beautiful quality fabrics. You can choose from different colors and shades. Minimalist, stylish, elegant and refined – that is not enough your garden. This furniture looks as if it is made from the leaves of giant arms of nature.


Bedroom in spring colors

If you design the interior space in the “spring” style, he is sure to lift your spirits even in the gloomy autumn day. And to create such a style in your home very easily. Moreover, it is enough to make one room in a warm and cheerful style. Bedroom should make in contrasting colors. The walls should be beige and golden, blue on the windows hang curtains, and must lie on a bed of dark pink bedspread. The relative brightness of the room can mitigate natural wood furniture and wood floors a light color. Necessarily have the windows in vases…


Ideas on transforming the old furniture and interior

It’s safe to say that at some photographs of “before and after” is so attractive that you can spend a lot of time with friends and family showing miraculous transformation tatty furniture. Today’s collection is devoted to furniture, the fate of which after some work has changed radically. Think about it: plain wardrobe or chest of drawers, which earlier tried to hide in the most inconspicuous corner and held only because of its functionality, after the “tuning” began to occupy the most prominent place in the house! And it is only thanks to the owners and the sharpness of their…


Interesting furniture part 2

Typically, unusual furniture differs unusual forms, proportions and materials. It is important that these things fit perfectly in the interior. Even if it will need to redo the entire room (or even flat). Incoming search terms: дизайнерская мебель


Surreal furniture from the studio THE: ZOOM

ZIP: PER – witty surreal collection of elements of the situation of the studio furniture design THE: ZOOM. The concept of the project – a huge zipper, which is discovered to form creative solutions traditional functional elements.

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