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Funny table

Universal foldable furniture can decorate your interior better than expensive paintings. It is extremely interesting idea clever use of the space of the studio Dror for the Italian manufacturer BBB. This idea is universal and allows you to choose what to hang on your wall – a picture, a poster or a series of photos. Especially extravagant option – put the seat photos beloved mother in law. And his wife is nice and helpful to the cause. And you can make a clean surface and hang it next to the marker for guests to leave a commemorative inscription, so his…


Beautiful lamp

Beautiful studio with pictures of New Zealand. All their furniture and home accessories made ​​from treated wood in New Zealand and has a great sense of warmth to them. Warm and cozy studio.


Stylish interior of the cottage

Beautiful house intricate architecture that allows a facade, and no less interesting interior, where they joined a simple decoration and practical furniture, presented several bright green chairs and seats with unusual legs. Not a little by the meter house together a few designs. For example, a place to stay before a swimming pool, fitness room, available for review on the first floor and as a result, a lot of different incarnation of stairs and windows. House is a harmonious fusion of landscape and interior design. Nature seemed to come into the house color combinations and natural materials. Despite the modern…


Communal Living in the house of the old stock

A communal apartment in an old dwelling stock with the furniture found in the street, many details, and hand-made interior items. OWNERS Valentin A scene painter in the cinema Yulia A pottery designer, Anatoly A letterpress printing specialist Svetlana A designer, printer, and illustrator, METRIC AREA 80 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3.5 m Friends artists and designers rented an apartment in Lomonosova street in 2008. They were not the first tenants, the former communal apartment had been rented for many years before them. The house was profitable before the revolution. New tenants made…


Sofa by Marianne Jensen

Designer Marianne Jensen Kleys created “Frigga” – sofa for one or two people. Project description from the designer: “Frigga” – this is furniture designed exclusively for one or two people. Here you can move away from the frailty and vanity of the world, to be yourself, to feel safe, relax and replenish energy. The form, which, as it hugs the sitting / lying creates a kind of a small cave, where you can climb to his feet and conveniently sit comfortably.


Apartment in “Airbus”

A spacious apartment with elements of classical and English styles and panoramic windows in Residential Complex “Aerobus”. OWNERS Dmitry and Ekaterina METRIC AREA 147 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 31 CEILING HEIGHT 2.9 m A young couple bought their apartment in Residential Complex “Aerobus” about two years ago. They were attracted by a panoramic view from the 31st floor and a free layout which made it possible to create a comfortable space for life. The owners got to know about the studio “Arkh. Predmet” from their acquaintances. Its founders – a designer Ekaterina Tulupova and an architect Olesya Sitnikova…


Wall furniture

When enough place – the simplest way out to get rid of all that is required in furniture. Such as the legs, why do they need if they can perform the functions quite a wall. Below are photos of interesting furniture mounted directly to the wall. It’s as different sizes and all kinds of lockers. The only drawback to this table – it does not deliver on the center of the room, but we all so close at hand, then a small apartment.

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