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Funny table with a cache where you can hide things

Interesting table, we often meet with shelves tables, and doors, but less common tables with cache, so the table will appeal to many, especially those who have something to hide. In such a cache can be hidden not only money, but also the old letters, postcards or photographs. This table is also well suited for the executive who wants to conceal documents and securities.


Funny pillow-burger

Looking for something fun to decorate your living space? Then turn your attention to this idea with a hamburger. These pillows will be a great addition to the living room or recreation room. Imagine the dialogue: Give me some salad and a slice tomato .. I have a little nap.


4 Weird and Wonderful Furniture Items from Around the World

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, the wealth of choices available has never been so vast. Nowadays, the global market is so versatile that homeowners have an endless range to choose from- and the market is only growing. What is your personal taste? Every person has their own individual style when it comes to decorating their home. Whether you prefer modern pieces or old-fashioned items, it is possible to create a stylish living space, at a price you can afford. Are you quite ‘out there’ with regards to your furniture or do you favour more reserved, classic…


Fun decor ideas

We would like to show unusual ideas for the decoration of your home. On the other hand, they seem ridiculous. Table on which to draw with crayons during a meal, write something out of your head. Funny carpet of beads that can be used as a toy for dogs, given that it is not expensive, and is made by hand. Boxes with inscriptions, convenient and practical, not to be found in a pile of things that you just need to face. Surprise other ideas!


The Crochet Rug Makes

Cute and funny handmade rugs and pillows will provide you not only as a decoration, but in cold weather, on lace mats will be very warm to sit. The colors are bright, definitely positive! Incoming search terms: crochet rug , handmade ideas , handmade home decor ideas , handmade ideas for home


Halloween Decorations 2

Another type of Halloween design; a central decoration for a wood table. The colors and the candles are nice, warm and remind of the winter season.

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