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Wall furniture

When enough place – the simplest way out to get rid of all that is required in furniture. Such as the legs, why do they need if they can perform the functions quite a wall. Below are photos of interesting furniture mounted directly to the wall. It’s as different sizes and all kinds of lockers. The only drawback to this table – it does not deliver on the center of the room, but we all so close at hand, then a small apartment.


Designs sills

To date, a cozy window sill is increasingly in demand. After increasing its size can get him to perform additional functions. Besides the fact that it is possible to put the flowers, which undoubtedly creates a special atmosphere in the room, it can be a great place to stay in both adults and children. In the west sills have long learned to turn into sofas, tables and other interior elements. If this issue come up creatively, you can come up with a great number of interesting options and then make them practical and beautiful part of the interior. If you…

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