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Small and handy kitchen

Nowadays it is very important functionality and compact size for any room. On these photographs show a comfortable and a little kitchen that will not take up much space in your home. The photograph shows the simplest dresser, but opens the top cover as we offer a compact kitchen. Under the top cover can be found: a sink and the two boards also have drawers for storing dishes, and there is even a refrigerator for food storage.


The Bar Counter or the Way to Save Space

Bar counter is a quite convenient detail for the kitchen. After all it is possible to use it not only on its initial purpose. For example, it can quite replace a dining table and it of course helps to save a lot of space in the kitchen. Such way of using a bar counter is especially actual for a small kitchen. If there is a little empty space in the kitchen, the big dining table can occupy almost a half of it. Nowadays all members of the family have opportunity to gather at the dining table very seldom. It’s no…


Bright and stylish designer of Ana Cordeiro

If you move away from the banality for resettlement on the premises, the result can be an outstanding interior, cozy, comfortable and incredible functionality. In many ways, the perception of color sets the style of the room. Vivid and bright colors give the room a joyful, carefree little look. Especially uplifting green in the interior – it helps to escape the monotony and achieve psychological comfort. Scattered around the room, he makes a note of freshness. Sets the mood of the room especially the carpet on the floor. If razabrats coloring matches the COLOR of walls, then there is an…


Luxurious bed “cocoon” of HiCan

For those who like to be pampered, this is simply nirvana. This system is a luxury bed from HiCan – a sort of “cocoon” for recreation and entertainment. The design has been produced in a modern minimalist hi-tech with rich functionality. There are blinds that can be pulled out to dive into a peaceful sleep. The bed is also equipped with a powerful modern sound system, a reading lamp, built a personal computer and multimedia additions in the form of gaming and entertainment consoles. All this is connected to the projector, and you can enjoy movies and high-definition screen of…

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