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Italian furniture Clever

Clever Italian company released a series of sets of furniture for children’s and teen rooms equipped with work stations, which can be modeled and adjusted according to your need. A wide variety of tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards and cabinets are very functional and still look great – your young genius will be glad to learn in such an atmosphere. Modular table with sliding shelves and tables attached modern chic interior design and very easy to use. Boxes on wheels can be moved to make room for more active pursuits and deserved lunch breaks. Flashy, vibrant colors make the space a…


Collection sofa by Giovanni Erba

Italian designers of modern European furniture for living a high class GiovanniErba created a new exhibit. Spazio sofa with adjustable backrest, cushion is a top class design for a house or apartment of class “luxury”. Leather furniture – that’s something from which no one can take your eyes off. GiovanniErba, Italian home furniture sets the tone for the market of leather furniture last fifty years or so, and has not yet run its course, as evidenced by its chic and sensational designs. This furniture is known for its innovative, functional and classic design. House designers asked tendencies in the past,…


Tetran Modular Furniture

With the slogan multifunction life, Tetran modular furniture allows users to build, rebuild, and modify existing solutions furniture in different directions in order to remake the furniture itself. Especially handy this furniture will be for college students, a very functional and comfortable furniture, you can always rearrange everything. Incoming search terms: modular furniture


Small and Functional Bathroom

If you are going to redecorate your small bathroom or design from scratch, post today offer simple tips on how to do this, and as a bonus, a lot of inspiration! You’re probably wondering how you can make a small room the washing function, without sacrificing aesthetics.


Stylish Home in Stockholm

Add a touch of stylish and good designers such as Jimmy Schonning and that you have a great recipe. Nothing works better for the children than the super sophisticated loft with creative solutions for storage, sober colors and concrete, which gives you a great sense of industry and functional approach to men’s lifestyle. This 495 square meter loft attic is more than just a residential project for a client. This is a private house Jimmy Schonning, where ideas are stored or, as others, the place where the magic happens! We’re talking about the creative process, of course!

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