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Beautiful and simple ideas hangers hallway

One quickly sucked us a society of consumers to their networks, and already familiar once carnations, which hung old overcoat, suit stopped us as a hanger. No, its function of maintaining coats, umbrellas, hats and nail performs well, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, the latter is simply a trouble. But the hanger in the hallway is chosen rather in appearance and compliance with its general direction in the interior. Place racks in the interior hallway What can you say about this basic in the adaptation? Hangers hallway buy, probably all – there is no such people who…


Garden in the style of the country

Landscape design is a combination of a very large number of styles and trends that can be said in some confusion from the widest choice, the proposed design options garden. First we need to determine the order in which the site will function and what are the opportunities for its implementation. In order to convert their land to the garden, which will serve as a place of rest, but at the same time do not have the hassle with its design, will most likely opt for a country style. Country style, yet it is called a village, it is one…


Lenga Modular System

The modular system is a minimal design created in Jerusalem, Israel, developed Yes, oui si.Dizayn inspired suspension system in which the various parts can be placed and moved according to the function it serves. This furniture helps sohrnayat more space and zahlomlyat room. For flat space, in particular, the wall is not used enough to provide storage. However, with this modular set, the user can build a system as high or wide as he / she needs, using wall space and the maximum area.


Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Fantastic mix of beautiful and comfortable bathroom ideas on Freshome, which proved very popular. If you want to redecorate your small bathroom or design from scratch, you can find some simple tips on how to do this, and as a bonus, a lot of photos. You’re probably wondering how you can make a small room the washing function, without sacrificing aesthetics. Well, taking inspiration from the small bathrooms in this post could be a first step in assessing your upcoming project. Incoming search terms: bathroom design , bathroom design ideas , bathroom , desain kamar mandi

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